About us

The Rickdiculous Race Team spawned from our established coaching programs.  We have been training up and coming pro racers for several years and decided 2017 was the year to field our own riders.  Our goal is to develop talent, we decided an up and coming established racer who needed an opportunity and a first year rookie who needed a mentor would showcase what we could build.  The success in undeniable at the midway point in the 2017 season.

Rickdiculous Racing is a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing the safest and most personalized learning environment for anyone interested in being a safer and more competent motorcycle rider. We provide a maximum student to coach ratio of 2:1 which allows us to focus on what each rider needs. We do not have sessions! We do not have groups! With only a maximum of 10 students on track, we are able to come on and off the track at any point. You will be videoed multiple sessions throughout the day, and will go over that video with your instructor after every session!

We have also added something that no other motorcycle coaching entity has, a Mitsubishi Lancer MR that all Coaching students will drive at some point during the day. We found that students dramatically increase their learning when given the chance to work on their inputs with a coach next to them. As Ken likes to say, “I guarantee you drive the car the same way you ride your motorcycle!” We provide this experience to put students in an extremely low risk scenario to maximize their learning, and ultimately translate the skills they acquire in the car to their motorcycle.

We supply all our students with SD Cards and Binders filled with unlimited paper so you can take your video and notes home with you and continue to review and learn from your Rick Day. We hope that even when you aren’t at a Rick Day, that you are referencing your notes and video no matter what motorcycle you ride!